My Journey at Apple.

I’ve always wondered, what it would be like to work at Apple. How I would get here. But I never thought I would be here. Focusing on the passion for design and the creative process allowed me to reach such a high goal. My fear is not that I am inadequate, but that the right people won't see my determination. It is the light, not the darkness.

West Coastin'

Capturing a new sense of scenery through photographs gave me a great opportunity to document them. Some locations include Big Sur, Baker Beach, Redwood Forest, Various areas on the Pacific Coast, and my favorite, In n’ Out.


Spending a summer in California was another exciting bonus for working at Apple. I believe that spending time in new places expands your outlook as a designer and thinker. Being open to so many new explorations and environments has made me extremely grateful.

The people I've met

I have been so fortunate to meet amazing people here. And I thank those who actually were willing to teach, and make me feel comfortable. No matter the atmosphere or company, a man can be gauged by the caliber of their care, and willing of wisdom they share among others. As well as being blind to competence of those who aren't motivated, and have a lack of care who recruit others to their own.