Nicholas Sedlazek | Full Website Here

Visual Designer & Experimentalist
traveling and exploring globally,
focusing in brand communication
and user interface design.

Using elements of design and art to execute craft
to fuel my curiosity for design and programming.
I can be also found hacking mechanics and prototypes.

I keep design principles with me, that I use to strengthen my design.
Identifiably of establishing who it is for, and testing the concept with them.
Building a foundation of clarity. Clarity of usability and intuitive function.
Emotion is very important to me. Leveraging human emotions allow for connectivity
to design and how we begin to trust and relate to it. With the right emotional integrity,
design becomes apart of us because we already well attached to our emotions naturally.

Other libraries of work and experiments can be found at:
Exploration Photography, Programming Library Website,
Full Website, Visual Experiments

I am currently working at frog design, and also
working on too many side projects. Previously I've worked at
Apple Inc, HP, Snap-on, and graduated from SCAD. Other then that,
I have a compiled Reading List. I sometimes experiment with
Making Music I sometimes experiment with
Making Music I feel connected to photography and photographing
abandoned hospitals. This makes me feel most at peace.
My Resume can be found here.

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